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selena gomez for celeb20in20
Books Calm Coming Soon Eyes Geeky
Hot Looking Down Lyrics Relationship White

Singing|Falling down Ramona and Beezus (2010) Another Cinderella Story (2008) Princess Protection Pragram (2009) WOWP: The movie

artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5

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These are gorgeous.
Love all of them.

HURRAY! Relationship is Taylor Laurtner!
Coming Soon should be WOWP the Movie or Ramona and Beezus man! LOL @ Books too.
Love the Actions and ACs!

Thank god relationship does not have the irritating Nick Jonas face.

Haha! Selena! What a beauty. :) I love your Category, AC5, Geeky, Hot and White. :)

Eyes, Looking Down, and AC 3 are my faves. Beautiful job.

love your AC icons as well as relationship. nice job.

Such pretty coloring! Your category ones are my favorites. :D

These are great! I love the coloring!

Great batch! I really like white, and all your ACs are beautiful too :)

Gotta love the REALTIONSHIP one LOL

That nice soft colouring is really pretty (CALM, LOOKING DOWN, ACTION2) Love all those and your ACs as well :D

I'm the mod of loveme_lims and for this first challenge, we send a message on the livejournal of evetyone as a reminder, but we didn't send it to you :/. Sorry for that, but as it was not your fault, we gave you an extra skip for this chall! I hope everything is ok!

Btw, we'll send reminders by e-mail from now on, if you want to receive it, just go to the challenge post and comment with your e-mail ^^

Gorgeous bb! Love Calm, Eyes, Looking Down and Failing down! Snagging calm and eyes btw!

And love the new layout!
You should post more :)
Yes I'm very random, lol :P

haha, thanks! :D
i don't post much here because i have my own blog at thatwinterrhapsody :D

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