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Books/ Mags Sale!
Books on sale: LBD Books, other fiction books
Mags on Sale: Teen Vogue and Seventeen (Overseas)

If you buy more from me, I'll give you a discount! Prices do not include Shipping, which will be S$1-2.

Disclaimer: I took ALL the photos by myself and edited them.


Fiction Books:
I'm selling these books (that I've already read, unless otherwise stated) so that I can get more books to read!

1. Little Black Dress Books [UP. $10.65]
LBD Books are very, very recommended for readers who are very interested in Fashion! Prices are based on the condition of the book, which can be very clearly seen in the photos. Details show the four sides of the book.

  • Karen Yampolsky
    • Falling out of Fashion S$6
  • Suzanne Macpherson
    • Hysterical Blondeness S$6

  • Details:

  • Marisa Health
    • Perfect Image S$6


  • Dorothy Howell
    • Handbags & Homicide S$6

If you get all 4 of them, you'll get them at S$22 with FREE SHIPPING!

2. Other Books

  • Jodi Picoult

    (The books have my name on it, sorry!)
    • The Pact S$5

    • Keeping Faith (not read) S$7

  • Details:
If you buy both books, you'll get them at S$10 with FREE SHIPPING!

  • Jane Green
    • Second Chance S$6
  • Stephanie Meyer

    • New Moon S$10


These magazines are COMPLETELY NEW and HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN FLIPPED BEFORE. I'm selling them because my mum bought them without knowing that I've already got myself a copy each.

1. Teen Vogue:
  • November 2010 (Brand new in plastic, in very very good condition) UP. S$7.50, Selling at S$6.50.
  • December 2010/ January 2011 (no plastic to come with it, didn't flip it at all) UP. S$8.70, Selling at S$7

    • February 2011 (Brand new with plastic, very very good condition) UP. S$7.50, Selling at S$6.50.

2. Seventeen (Overseas)
  • February 2011 (Brand new with plastic, very very good condition) UP. S$7.90, Selling at S$6.50


If you get all issues, you'll get them at S$25 SHIPPED! (you save $1.50 and postage fees!)

Get items worth a total of more than $15 and get a free and unique crocheted star chain handmade by me! (Not sold anywhere!)

I am a new seller and I have no reason to sell you something that doesn't look like the photos. I don't want a bad reputation because I will sell stuff again. This is also a reason why I took such detailed photos to show you the condition of the books. Please consider them! Thank you!

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I'm interested in rachel gibson's lbd books. What's the lowest for both? :)

You can also check my lj out for trades, if you're interested.

Let me know! x

Hey! :D I'm new at this, so I'm not sure how to confirm your order by sending you an invoice (because I don't know how to) but I'd like to trade Little Black Dress: Everything Nice by Ellen Shanman with any of the Rachel Gibson books you want. If you still want both, I'll give it to you at $10 with postage included?

I'll mail you tomorrow morning with info (:

Hey, I'm pretty new at this so I'm not sure about the invoice thing. No one's sent me an invoice before so not sure, sorry lol x

Is it okay if we do a 1:1 trade for a rachel gibson book & I'll purchase the other book for $5? So 2 books for 1 lbd book & $5? ;)

Yeah sure! I thought that I needed to give some invoice thing... so I don't! Yeyy! I'll send you my details tomorrow morning because I need to turn in now. Thanks! :D

(Screened comment)
I have sent you a message both to your phone and your lj account. Your comment has been screened to protect your phone number (:

hello! don't use livejournal and only logged in to find The Pact by Jodi Picoult second-hand. is it still on sale?
email me at

hi! are the 2 teen vogue magazines still available? able to deal at $10 with a meetup? thanks.

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